About YOKOHAMA Station City
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About YOKOHAMA Station City

About YOKOHAMA Station City

The name YOKOHAMA Station City comes from the interpretation that the commercial precinct run by the JR East Japan Group with JR Yokohama Station at its heart resembles a large town.
JR Yokohama Station will evolve into a terminal of the future where unique elements of fashion, food, culture, hotels, sports, business, etc. converge.
We will transform the time spent at Yokohama Station (=city) by people who visit YOKOHAMA Station City into "time with even greater value."


Yokohama Station walks alongside the city of Yokohama and its people. That is why our slogan is "Yokohama station with Yokohama!"
Every day, we strive to bring vitality to the area surrounding Yokohama Station together with our customers who use Yokohama Station regularly, and local residents.

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East Japan Railway Company, Lumine Co.,Ltd., Yokohama Station Building.INC, JR East Building Co.,Ltd., JR East Cross Station Co.,Ltd., NIPPON HOTEL Co., Ltd., JR East Sports Co.,Ltd., JR East Marketing & Communications,Inc., JR East Environment Access Co., Ltd. (Total 9 companies)